Burrell Handling, LLC

Where Dogs Find Their Bliss

Dogs in Our Home

Your pets are your family, and at Burrell Handling we consider them a part of ours. We keep our dogs in our home, so we can be with them 24/7. The lower level of our house is outfitted to provide for your dogs every need. We have crates, rooms, and pens of every size and style so your dog can choose what's most comfortable for them. If they prefer to hang out more with people than with the furry pack, they are integrated into our upstairs area. 

Outside, we have eight permanent runs of various sizes. For more rambunctious pets, we have a run that is enclosed on all six sides. About an acre of our main yard is fenced off so the pups can really stretch their legs. If your dog wants to run with a pack, we are glad to introduce them. If they would rather sit back and watch, they can play in one of the seven smaller yards and feel included, not overwhelmed.
Surrounded by woods on three sides, the dogs have plenty of wildlife to sniff at- a perfect distraction while training! We also have a cat in our home, and horses on the street, allowing us to desensitize your pup to multiple animals and environments.

Sue and "Blue" demonstrating the importance of taking time for tummy rubs

"Washi" enjoys a snowy sunset romp in his favorite pajamas

We are always striving to be the very best for you and your dogs, so our kennel is currently being renovated. We are open during this process, but please be aware that it affects our appearance. Our many changes include:
-New paint colors found to be more soothing to dogs
-Aromatherapy diffusers with calming essential oils
-New yards for dogs to run in
-Equipment for various dog sports like agility and obedience
-We continually modify our fencing to increase safety for all
-And much more!