Burrell Handling, LLC

Where Dogs Find Their Bliss

Senior Members

Bill Burrell is our founding member. Now retired, Bill started training dogs at the age of ten. During his career he worked with many of the top trainers in the country to develop the methods we still use today.

Katherine Burrell stepped into the show ring at 3 years old with a miniature dachshund. Growing up in a house full of dogs, she learned to growl before she learned to talk, and started training dogs (and in some cases, people!) at a very young age. She is now the head of our expansions department, and one of our head trainers.

Sue Burrell is the head of the Burrell Handling team. She attended her first show as a mother's helper at 12 years old and never looked back. She's owned dogs all her life, but started training in earnest at 16 years old under Bill's tutelage.

Junior Members

We are lucky enough to work with several talented young people. From cleaning the kennel to exercising the dogs and helping out with training sessions, we couldn't be prouder of our younger team members.